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SealcoatingGuardTop - The gold standard in sealcoating

Sealcoating every few years is a part of regular maintenance for your asphalt driveway. Water, weather and the sun all take a toll on asphalt and all paved surfaces, as do the fluids from your car. Oil, gas and transmission fluids can stain or break down your asphalt driveway or parking lot.


Phenix Paving uses GuardTop sealcoat protection. The industry leader


Without regular sealcoating, asphalt can soon see a few common issues that will require repairs and, if allowed to progress unchecked, will cause eventual failure of the surface entirely.

  • Cracking: Asphalt surfaces are prone to cracks when not properly sealcoated. Over time, driving stresses combine with the effects of sun and moisture to reduce the flexibility of the surface. Cracks can form, and naturally expand and contract with the movement of the asphalt surface. Without repairs, the cracks only become worse and can even form into potholes.
  • Weakening: Asphalt can become weakened by long-term exposure to the sun. The same factors that cause cracking can also cause spontaneous potholes due to weak areas in the asphalt surface. Small chips evolve into larger holes that require more extensive repairs.
  • Sagging: As asphalt weakens due to weight stress and ultraviolet radiation, layers underneath the surface can use their integrity causing the surface to sag. Again, this could eventually lead to cracking and potholes that require repairs.
  • Loose Aggregate: The asphalt surface itself is subject to the full effects of weather and stress without sealcoating. Aggregate can come loose, which presents a hazard to drivers and further weakens the surface.
  • Staining: Automotive fluids like oil and grease can cause staining of an asphalt surface and some damage if allowed to penetrate. Sealcoating helps to protect the surface from these fluids.
  • Fading: Asphalt without sealcoating can lose its rich black color over time. Sealcoating normally preserves this color and repeated applications actually restore it to a natural sheen.


Asphalt Overlay

An overlay is the paving of a second layer of asphalt over existing asphalt.

  • The original asphalt must be in a generally good condition, but may have some minor problem areas.
  • Minimum overlay depth is one inch.
  • A tack coat primer is used to adhere new asphalt to existing asphalt.


Asphalt & Pothole Repair

Potholes are generally caused by poor or improper drainage. They form when water drains through the asphalt into the base through cracks in the asphalt.


Eventually, dispersion of the base will become frequent enough to form deterioration of the asphalt and base causing a pothole.

  • Potholes are an annoyance to drivers and a safety hazard to pedestrians. They tend to grow quite rapidly once started.
  • The key to successful pothole repair is preparation, and the use of the right materials.
  • Probably the best material to use for pothole repair is traditional hot mix asphalt.
  • This product is made at plants that mix liquid asphalt, sand and different sized gravel into a mix that flows while it is hot.
  • As it cools, the liquid asphalt hardens producing a very durable surface.


Crack Fills

Hot rubberized crack fill is recommended for the repair of singular cracks. Left untreated, these cracks will lead to further damage as water seeps in and enters the sub-base of the asphalt. Eventually this will lead to alligator cracking, and then potholes.


Hot rubber is used because of how effectively it seals the crack. Hot rubber is also elastic and expands and contracts with the weather and climate.


Crack repairing is meant to be a short-term solution, acting as a "band-aid" for the asphalt and preventing any further damage, until an Overlay or Remove and Replace can be accomplished.



Asphalt Striping are painted lines and traffic markings that create a sense of safety for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


Phenix Grading & Paving offer striping for:

  • parking lots
  • roadway
  • tennis courts
  • basketball courts
  • raceways
  • and more


Well maintained striping will dramatically increase the overall appearance of your facility or road.


Many property and facility managers will use striping for a quick, powerful and affordable means to boost the appearance of their properties.


Airless technology allows us to produce sharp, uniform markings.




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